Our Practice

Art of True Light

The purpose of the practice of the art of True Light is to purify and revitalise our spirit, mind and body. Through this spiritual practice, people can accumulate experiences that help them grow spiritually and become more in tune with God’s will.

The Light of God is the spiritual energy or vibration of God’s love, wisdom and will, which permeates the whole universe. Transmitting and receiving True Light is the basic practice of Sukyo Mahikari. People from all walks of life and religions practise this art, which is open to all.

The art of True Light is generally practised between two people, with one receiving True Light and the other transmitting it. True Light is transmitted from the palm of the hand, which is held at a certain distance from the body.

Through the practice of giving and receiving True Light it is possible to experience the existence and the power of God. One can also become aware of the great influence that the unseen spiritual world has on the physical world.

Through their practice of the art of True Light and their efforts to cultivate an innermost attitude attuned to the divine principles, people can grow spiritually and revive their true nature as children of God. As a result, in a natural way, people will be able to manifest their love for others and all of creation, and so make possible a harmonious civilisation on Earth.

Everyone is welcome to receive True Light. However, children and minors do require the permission of a parent or guardian.

Teachings as Tools for Spiritual Growth

Sukyo Mahikari teachings are about universal principles rather than rules. It is up to members to decide how these teachings will be put into practice. One of the objectives of Sukyo Mahikari teachings is to help people become more aware of the divine principles that govern all creation. The universal principles are goals towards which anyone can aspire and strive to practise, step by step.

A core teaching of Sukyo Mahikari is “The origin of the world is one, the origin of all human beings is one, and the origin of all religions is one”. Therefore, as brothers and sisters, all human beings should make more efforts to live together in harmony.

One thing that is encouraged, based on the teachings, is the attitude of helping each other with love and respect and without judgement, resentment or blame. Through an understanding of the universal principles and God’s plan for humankind, people can more easily fulfil their responsibilities as members of their families and society.

The teachings are not about intellect but about tools that can help everyone’s spiritual growth and personal development. As such, they require consistent effort and regular practice so that the benefit from these tools may be maximised. By putting the teachings into practice on a daily basis, one can deepen one’s spiritual understanding, elevate spiritually and find a higher purpose in life.