Our Organisation

Welcome to the official website for Sukyo Mahikari Europe. Sukyo Mahikari is an international organisation whose headquarters are in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Our Practice

The Light of God is the spiritual energy or vibration of God’s love, wisdom and will, which permeates the whole universe. Transmitting and receiving True Light is the basic practice of Sukyo Mahikari. People from all walks of life and religions practise this art, which is open to all.

Our Aims

In 1959 Mr Kōtama Okada founded the Mahikari organisation with the intention of helping people throughout the world to create a more peaceful and harmonious civilisation based on the tenet: “the origin of the world is one, the origin of all human beings is one, and the origin of all religions is one”.

How to contact us

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