God's Light and Universal Principles for All Humanity

Second edition (2011) edited by Sidney E. Chang, PhD. Published by LH Europe (Luxembourg).

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God's Light and Universal Principles for All Humanity"Science seeks to enlighten and empower the planet but takes for granted the basic holiness of the world in which we live and work and are born and die. The world of science explains how things work but not why they exist and matter. This book opens us to what is holy in all of us and offers a path to the Light of this world that can be discovered within each living being" .  

               –Devra Davis, Ph.D., epidemiologist and author of The Secret History of  the War on Cancer  

“This book, first published in 2007, details the history and philosophy of Sukyo Mahikari. The organisation dates back to 1959 and is based on teachings revealed to Kōtama Okada. The philosophy is based on a deep and profound belief in God and the spiritual practice of giving and receiving healing Light. Okada saw the ability to give Light to heal suffering humanity as central to the philosophy of Sukyo Mahikari. Also central to the Sukyo Mahikari philosophy is love and compassion, with respect and personal responsibility.

The importance of the Sukyo Mahikari teaching is that it speaks directly to the modern generation and more particularly to our evolving views of medicine as we move from organ-based practice to whole-person medicine and come to realise that a spiritual practice can have a protective and beneficial effect on our health.

Dr. Chang points out the importance of cultivating a positive attitude and states that ‘Experience shows that people who have a positive attitude are happier and more at ease with themselves and other people’. He goes on to note that with a negative attitude we are more likely to attract negative experiences. Dr. Chang also stresses, as did Okada, gratitude.

In new sections of the book, Dr. Chang looks at our current difficulties from the viewpoint of the Sukyo Mahikari teachings. He points out that Kōtama Okada often said that society could avoid many calamities if it chose a path which placed spiritual values above material values and which nevertheless still welcomed the benefits of modern science and technology. In successful economics, in which there is an integration of spiritual values, there is a recognition of, and deep respect for, nature and the sustainability of all living systems.

Based as it is on a philosophy of love, understanding and compassion, even for those who do not subscribe to the belief system of Sukyo Mahikari, there are many life-enhancing resonances within the book which have important lessons for our modern age”.

            –Peter Fenwick, M.D., neuropsychiatrist and clinical authority on near-death experiences.

  Author of Past Lives and The Art of Dying (both in collaboration with Elizabeth Fenwick).

“At my most difficult crossroad in life, by practicing Mahikari I overcame a very painful illness. I have been pain free ever since. Besides my healing, the principles I learnt as a member helped me to view life with a fresh perspective with the result I now enjoy a spiritually rich and grounded life. I am eternally grateful.”

–Colin Cowie, international style consultant, author and television presenter.



To obtain a copy of the book, please contact your nearest Sukyo Mahikari centre.

Paperback: 176 pages. Language: English

Also available in Dutch, French and German.